This class is our main focus here at Concrete Jungle. Class will begin with a general warm up and a specific warm up for the day’s Strength. Focus is building relative strength in the following barbell movements: Squat, Military Press, Bench Press, and Deadlifts. Strength session will be followed by a conditioning workout which consists of a variety auxiliary movements to increase your work capacity which will not only build strength but also better your overall cardiovascular health and fitness. This class will make you Jungle Strong. (60 min)


This our Endurance class here at Concrete Jungle. This class will test your Cardiovascular fitness as well as improve it. Endure consist of conditioning methods ranging from HIIT to Steady State cardio training. In this class we use a variety of our equipment such as their Concept 2 Rowers, Ski Ergs, and Assault Bikes. Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, and Plyo Boxes are also used to offer more of a challenge. Endure is the ability to never give up, pushing through the discomfort, and recovering quickly from difficult conditions. This class is 60mins of Sweat, Pain, and Heavy Breathing. Can you Endure that?


A 75-minute session of Corrective Bodybuilding. Its a great class for CrossFitters, Strength Athletes and the average Weekend Warrior looking to change their body composition. The goal is to promote long term durability, improve work capacity and training performance. You will develop a body that looks as good as it performs: lean, muscular, athletic. Come get BUILT! (75 minutes)


Olympic Weightlifting Barbell Club consists of: 1) Dynamic warm-up, and flexibility 2) Skill-Transfer and Skill-Development. Whether you’re training for a competition or new to the lifts and looking to improve Cleand & Jerk and Snatch, or developing your athletic capacity for another sport, or just enjoy the feeling of moving something heavy over-head, this class is for you! (60-90 minutes)