06 JAN

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A) Take 15 minutes to work up to a 3RM Front Squat

B) Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes complete a 3 Position Power Snatch (High Hang, Hang, Floor)

*Same weight across 6 sets (~70-75%)



Gym Jones “Stair Run Tailpipe”

In team of two complete 3 rounds each for time of:

Stair Run

Front Racked KB Hold (53s/35s)

*Partner A runs the stairs whilst Partner B holds two KBs in the front rack position.  When Partner A returns, partners switch tasks until both have completed 3 full rounds each (3 stair runs each and 3 front racked holds each).

**KB Handles must be touching at all times. Athletes must be standing at all times (Maria rule). If rules are broken and/or KB’s are dropped whilst your partner is running the stairs, 5 burpee penalty for each infraction to be completed by both team members after the 3 full rounds



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